Pentax 645Z Tests

I’ve been testing out the new Pentax 645z this last two weeks, and I have to say I’m impressed with the depth and sharpness of the images coming out of this camera. It’s got that medium format look I’ve been missing since I sold my Mamiya 7 and my Hassy 500c years back. More to say once I’ve put it through it’s paces for a USWNT marketing shoot in a couple weeks, but for now, here’s one from the Presidio this last week.


Presidio with the Pentax 645z.

Presidio with the Pentax 645z.

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The Cardinal defeat the Huskies in overtime, 88-86.

Last second heroics by the Cardinal to push the game into overtime and a victory. What a night! We were shooting so fast at the end of the game on our strobes that we tripped the circuit breaker! Great night for Jube!


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Some new additions in the print gallery. Here’s one of my favorites.


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USA Ghana

John Brooks Tim HowardFabian Johnson Amdre AyewJurgen KlinsmannJohn Brooks John Brooks Joe Biden John Brooks Ghana FlagUSA Fan



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Brazil Favorites so far

NeymarNeymarNeymarBrazil Fansphoto 1.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 3.JPGBrazil Fan Natal
A little downtime in Natal before the first press conference and training for the USMNT at the  stadium. Here’s a few of my favorites so far. Got lucky with the remote of Neymar’s ball and net for the goal, then, he also ran towards me after scoring. Better to be lucky than good they say!


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USA vs Nigeria

Nice warm up match for the USA tonight against Nigeria. Looking forward to Ghana in Natal on the 16th!

USA FansUSA FansJurgen KlinsmannUSA FansJozy Altidore

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Yosemite Workshop 2014

Just seeing the images from the students from the Stanford CSP Workshop and we are have some great images coming in. I’ll share the gallery here once we have our final selects.

An amazing weekend, started off with a Spring snowstorm that left dozens of tourists stranded on 41 going out of the park. We helped a handful of travelers stuck in the snow and were lucky we were driving a 4 wheel drive.  We experienced snow, clouds, sun, rain, and wind on this trip, which made for really stunning images.

Here’s one from Saturday morning from tunnel view.

Looking forward to the next one trip!


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COLOCASIA esculenta ‘Blue Hawaii’ I think!

As I was wondering the grounds of the Royal Hawaiian hotel I ran across the COLOCASIA esculenta ‘Blue Hawaii’ plant, I think! Nice light reflection off of buildings nearby gave it a nice soft box looks. Great lines, color and contrast.


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Redbud on the Merced River

Went looking for Cercis canadensis, or, Redbud as it is known, on the Merced River just below Yosemite last week. Found some nice specimens and will definitely be heading back next year around this time. Looking forward to the Dogwoods blossoming in late April, just in time for the CSP Yosemite Workshop!

Redbud Merced River

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Garrapata Calla Lilies

Took a run down to Garrapata beach with my good friends Dayton Mistfeldt, and Dave Bernal today. We decided on a change of venue to Garrapata instead of the Firefalls in Yosemite today, and I’m glad we did. We were the only photographers there and spent a great day shooting some amazing views. I always kick myself for not spending more time down there. Big Sur is a gem and you can almost feel the presence of Ansel Adams and Brett Weston still there, wandering it’s coves and beaches, capturing nature at its best.

Here’s a classic view that’s been done before, and I really enjoyed doing it myself. Great to experience making these types of photos and the practice of making the image. I’ll put this one in my photo recipe book, and hopefully apply it to a scene down the road and come up with something new.

I used a Lee Filter 3 stop graduated neutral density filter to darken the sky and help balance the exposure with the flowers.


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